We've Been Around

We're going on 50 years in business, but don't let our age fool you. Our company is at the cutting edge of technology and is constantly working with our suppliers to put more cash in your pocket.

We've Got You Covered

High commissions and low nets on over 100 carriers coupled with rock bottom net rates on over 200,000 hotels worldwide. If your customer is traveling internationally, we'll help you make money and look like a star. View our carriers here

We're Easy

GDS users we're not pushing you to a booking engine, you get full access to our pricing right on the GDS.  You see our price, just add your fee and sell as well as having full access to your PNR's. No GDS? You're covered too...call or book online at ctsfares.com and get access to our nets and commissions. Commission checks? We pay every week. Boom!


Our CTS ticketing department is open 24/7, three hundred and sixty five days a year. Need an exchange at 4 am? Got a fare that's expiring at midnight? CTS has you covered! We help our customers all day every day.

Fastest Growing Consolidator = Fastest Growing Customers

Yes we're the fastest growing consolidator in the US and guess what? Our customers are growing with us too. Agencies that buy airline tickets from us grow their airline sales an average of 10% per year. We are helping our customers every step of the way, whether its a white label booking engine, co-op marketing or social media assistance.
Our team realizes that if they grow...we grow.

Who is Cosmo?

Cosmo is the newest addition to our family. He's a robot that takes care of your business when you can't. He notifies you when your customer has a schedule change and will even put your agency logo on e-tickets. Cosmo doesn't sleep...he checks your reservations for a lower fare, finds you seats, and notifies you of schedule changes while you're snoozing away.

Why CTS?

We're here for you. Try us out. Come and join the CTS family!

Management Team

Michalis Tsakos


Michalis graduated Athens Agricultural University in 1989. After joining CTS in 1990 Michalis quickly moved into a management position in which he handles all financial aspects of the company as well as Airline and GDS relations. With over 20 years of experience in the travel consolidation industry Michalis has been instrumental in CTS’ growth.

Louie Melhem


After joining CTS in 1990, Louie has overseen the Sales and Marketing for CTS. His familiarity with the products and the markets that CTS offers are one of the main reasons why CTS is where it is today. Louie holds a BA from the University of Michigan and a JD from the Detroit College of Law.

Mike Melhem Jr.


Mike Joined CTS in 2001 after working in the Software Industry with Compuware. Since then Mike has supervised the technological facets of CTS. Mike headed the transition for CTS from a single GDS offline environment to a multiple GDS operation with an online presence. Mike holds a BA from the University of Michigan

Sanjeev Sarna


Sanjeev joined CTS in 2011 after 20 years at a Major Consolidator where he served as General Manager USA. Sanjeev manages the New York Branch and India Operations for CTS. Sanjeev has been a key factor in CTS’ penetration into the Indian Sub-Continent market.